President’s Message

Updated: February, 2019

Hello NC EAPAers!!!,

We are excited about this upcoming Board year! We are very appreciative of the foundation that has continued to be laid for us by our previous Board! We plan to continue to build on the great work that has been done.

We started the new Board year with Dr. Sheba Stowe speaking with us about Compassion Fatigue in December! Conference Committee is working hard to ensure that speakers, exhibitors, and venue details are secured. We are very excited about this year’s conference. We look forward to reconstructing ourselves as professionals in the field during our attendance at conference!

As a Board, we are working hard on your behalf. Therefore, it is essential that we hear from you. We recognize as members, YOU are our stakeholders and we are accountable to you. As a result, please do take advantage of responding to surveys when we send them out. We want to hear from you and want to make sure that your voice is represented as we make decisions about Board operations, training topics, and other NC EAPA activities.

Specifically, over the years, some of you have come to us and shared that you are interested in being involved but, not to the degree of being on the Board of Directors. Committee participation is an excellent way to get involved! As a result, we are being intentional about recruiting Committee members. If you are interested in serving on the Conference Committee, Awards Committee, Membership Engagement Committee, Bylaws Committee,  Education & Training Committee, Technology Committee, Diversity Committee, or Graduate Student Engagement Committee, Research & Information Committee, Mentoring Committee, or Legislative Committee, please reach out. We welcome your involvement!

Please note that some committee activities are seasonal or temporary vs ongoing throughout the year. You may find contact information for the Board via Committee and Officers section of the website.

I’m very excited and look forward to serving you as part of the 2019-2021 Board of Directors!

Thank you humbly!
Your NC EAPA President,


Dr. Renee’ Evans