Welcome to the NC EAPA mentoring exchange! Here is the marketplace for professionals to assist one another in navigating the seas of EAP. If you are new to the profession or are seeking an individual to provide advisement for the CEAP exam, you are at the right place.

Perhaps you are an experienced EA Professional desiring to share your skills, knowledge and abilities with our less-experienced peers. Your willingness to help others is needed and appreciated.

Mentoring serves a critical role in the development of a competent Employee Assistance Professional, as well as assuring the integrity of our profession. Not everything labeled Employee Assistance is true to the Core Technology. Mentors help less experienced EA providers learn the standards that uniquely define Employee Assistance. A mentor can facilitate the development of skills, abilities, knowledge, attitudes, and ethical standards essential to the successful Employee Assistance practice.

For individuals wishing to earn the CEAP (a pre-requisite to becoming a LEAP in NC), there is a required advisement process that must be completed. This is a mentoring relationship for a specific purpose. This mentoring relationship, required for candidates for certification as a CEAP, provides guidance and support to the candidate. The International EAP Association defines advisement as:

“A formal mentoring relationship between the CEAP candidate and the CEAP advisor in which there is interaction on a regular basis to assist the candidate in developing skills and knowledge necessary for the competent and ethical practice of employee assistance programming.”

For more information regarding this directed and specialized type of mentoring please visit the International EAP Association Web site.

Please remember that mentoring is not tantamount to supervision. By contract, one’s work supervisor is legally responsible for one’s job performance. A mentor would never replace a supervisor as it pertains to day-to-day decisions within the individual’s workplace.

If you would like to be contacted for mentoring or to be a mentor to those seeking this service, please get in touch with Lindy Langston (