Welcome to the NC EAPA mentoring exchange! Here is the marketplace for professionals to assist one another in navigating the seas of EAP. If you are new to the profession or are seeking an individual to provide advisement for the CEAP exam, you are at the right place.

Perhaps you are an experienced EA Professional desiring to share your skills, knowledge and abilities with our less-experienced peers. Your willingness to help others is needed and appreciated.


Please apply to be a mentor for the NEW NC EAPA Mentoring Program!

NC EAPA Fellow Members! We heard you!  It is here! NC EAPA is now offering a mentoring program for new, and seasoned professionals in the field. This initiative is very new. Therefore, we are need to secure mentors. If you believe that you can take a little time out of your schedule to be a professional support to another colleague, please complete the application attached.

NC EAPA Mentor Application (Sept 2020)

If you are interested in having a mentor, please complete the mentee application and will get you matched very soon!

NC EAPA Mentee Application (Sept 2020)

For additional questions regarding the Mentoring Program, please reach out to Past President and Mentoring Program Coordinator, Renee’.