Yet Another Great NC EAPA Training Opportunity, Coming Soon!

 May 14, 2021 via ZOOM

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Help for Complex Cases

Facilitated by:
Eric Ottinger, MA, LCMHC, LCAS

Location: Your Choice, via ZOOM!

Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Lunch Menu: Whatever you want – from wherever you are!

Dress: Your choice…again! 6.0 Continuing Education Hours  

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Our Presenter:
Eric Ottinger, MA, LCMHC, LCAS began teaching in the 1990’s, delivering training in school systems, corporations, government, military, clinical and other settings over time. Eric has specialized in the treatment of co-occurring disorders in adults for over the last decade. Eric’s clinical practice and clinical trainings focus on evidence-based practices, particularly the intersection of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness. Eric started his clinical training company, Recovery Rebel L.L.C., in 2017 in Charlotte to help disseminate evidenced base practices and assist the behavioral health workforce in avoiding burnout.


Real people in real situations often do not fit neatly into categories; and if you work with people with multiple diagnoses then this course was designed with you in mind. Co-occurring disorders, trauma, personality complications, and multiple high-risk behaviors can derail and confuse traditional treatment protocols and systems to become ineffective. This class focuses on how to effectively apply the principles and processes of DBT to those with Borderline Personality Disorder, emotion dysregulation problems, substance use, self-harm and more.

Thank you, Rebound Behavioral Health, for partnering with NC EAPA to deliver this training! 


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