Yet Another Great NCEAPA Training Opportunity, Coming Soon!

Member Appreciation Day, September 11, 2020 via ZOOM

Our Diversity and Inclusion: The Work of Doing Less Harm Each Day

Presented by:
Augusto E. Pena, BS, MA

Location: Your Choice, via ZOOM!

Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm

Lunch Menu: Whatever you want – from wherever you are!

Dress: Your choice…again! 6.0 Continuing Education Hours  

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Our Presenter:
Augusto E. Peña, Director, Office of Intercultural Engagement, UNC Greensboro, Greensboro NC. Mr. Pena holds a Master of the Arts Degree in Education in Higher Education Administration and Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science with concentration in International Relations and Comparative Politics

Each of us has a role to play in how welcoming, inclusive, and healthy our organizations and communities are each day. Some days we may get it right and other days we may feel lost or tired. Plenty of days we feel somewhere in between or something different entirely! In this session we will explore the following questions and I hope the answers are helpful to you. How do we “show up” around others? What assumptions do we hold? What can we teach others and what can we learn from others?

This Training is…
Member Appreciation Day

And, Remember Our Member Bring a Guest Opportunity!
If a North Carolina EAPA chapter member brings a new guest to chapter training the training is free to the member and that guest. If the guest joins the chapter, then the member gets a $25 gift certificate. Your guest should be in the Employee Assistance or a related field.

A great way to introduce colleagues to our great organization.

Thank you, Pavillon, for partnering with NC EAPA to deliver this training!

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