Hello NC EAPA and Friends…
While we are saddened that we weren’t together this week, we know how vitally important it is for all of us to stay home and follow all the recommendation (now stay at home orders) to “flatten the curve.” Your Board and Conference Committee appreciate your support and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters.

As promised in our last message, which I have included for anyone who didn’t see it, here are some additional details about the conference status and related decisions:

The NC EAPA Board met virtually on Tuesday evening, and it was decided that we will continue planning for our usual quarterly trainings, which will be:
May 29, 2020 – Greensboro area
September 11, 2020  – Raleigh/Durham area
November 13, 2020 – Charlotte area

After careful discussion of the impact to the chapter and risk/benefit analysis, the board also decided that we will not be rescheduling the 2020 Conference, and will all look forward to a  great March, 2021.

We again want to thank our hard working conference co-chairs, Eileen and Debra, and the entire committee for the tremendous efforts made, and for bearing up under the disappointment of not seeing that work come to fruition. And, for the additional work resulting from the cancellation.

We also thank our sponsors and registrants for their understanding and commitment to NC EAPA. In honor of our “No Looking Back” theme…we will look ahead to March Conference 2021!!

Regarding payments made for 2020 March Conference:
Exibitors and Registrants are able to receive a  full refund, if you so wish. Or, you may elect to have NC EAPA hold your payments to be applied to the 2021 conference, which will assure you the same rate as you paid in 2020.To request a refund: 
Exibitors  – please email Treasurer Karla Lever at Karla.Lever@atriumhealth.org
Registrants  – please email Assistant Treasurer Kerry Paksoy at paksoyk@gmail.com

 Hope to see each of you on May 29th in Charlotte…more info to come!
Until then, please practice social distancin–but engaged, calm, and helpful.