August 14, 2020 NCEAPA Training via ZOOM


How Implicit Bias and Political Discussions Can Potentially Lead to Racial
Discrimination In The Workplace


Presented by:
Arlene Glover, BA
Jim Stratton, MA, LCMHC
Brian Hissom, MA, LCMHCS

With the support and assistance of Old Vineyard

Location: Your HOME, OFFICE, or nearby Park via ZOOM!
Time: 8:30am to 11:30am
Lunch Menu: Whatever you want – from wherever you are!
Dress: We’ll leave that to you…
3.0 Continuing Education Hours

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This training will address the implicit bias and political discussions in the workplace can potentially lead to racial discrimination inside the workplace. The training will provide an overview of the history of racial discrimination, civil rights and the impact of subtle bias in work settings. Participants will learn about the role of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in investigating racial discrimination and racial harassment claims.

Our Presenters:
Ms. Glover Arlene Martina Glover, BA. is Supervisory Equal Opportunity Investigator (Local Director) of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Greensboro, NC.

Mr. Jim Stratton, LCMHC, CEAP is an Employee Assistance Professional with over 28 years as a clinician including 20 years working in EAP in various settings. For the past 3 years he has worked as a Military Family Life Counselor on US military bases in Europe.

Mr. Brian Hissom MA, LCMHCS, NCC, BC-TMH Is a Certified Rational Emotive Behavior Therapist, a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Supervisor, and Certified Tele-Mental Health provider. He is in private practice at Brian S Hissom & Associates, PLLC and is co-founder and co-director of Employee Assistance Resources, established with Gary S. Indenbaum, Ph.D. in Hickory, NC.

Planned Agenda:
8:15 am Open stream for people to gather
8:30 Welcome and announcements, thank Old Vineyard for partnering
8:40 introduce Arlene Glover. Begin training
10:15 Break
10:00 Brief announcements, A few minutes with Old Vineyard
10:30 Moderated discussion: Jim Stratton, Brian Hissom
11:30 Conclude training

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July 2020 A Message from the President

Fellow NC EAPAers!

This is a follow up to our commitment to provide resources as promised in our Social Justice statement. Please find resources below around addressing diversity and inclusion issues as well as related topics in the workplace. The information below is not an exhaustive list but, we hope is a great start in working with client companies to address these topics.

We hope it helps!
Stay Well & Sanitized!


Dr. Renee’ Evans
Your NC EAPA President

Our May 29 NCEAPA Training Is ON!

Join NCEAPA for a three hour training, 8:30am to 11:30am followed by our North Carolina EAPA Chapter Meeting, both via teleconference from the comfort of your home or office. Given our current public health / social behavior responsibilities, we are going to present NCEAPA May Training via teleconference. The training has been reduced in duration to three hours due to the teleconference delivery modality and the potential for “video fatigue.” We are also considering a second three hour training to follow in June or July.

An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

Presented by Robert McGuire, Jr, MA, LCMHC, EMDR Trained, CSAT-C.

In this training you will learn the origin of Motivational Interviewing and the primary purpose and use for the development of this approach. This training will also cover the core techniques for using motivational interviewing effectively with clients. Participants will learn when to use these techniques and have an opportunity to practice them with each other.

Robert McGuire is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Charlotte, NC, currently in private practice with Charlotte Counseling Associates. Robert has experience working with individuals, couples and families in the hospital, church, private practice and in-home settings. His focus is on working through many of life’s challenges including mental health, addictions, substance abuse and trauma. Robert has a passion for the therapeutic work he does, the therapeutic relationship with clients and the hope and freedom this work offers clients.

Fee: Members $25.00
Non-Members $45.00

Click here to register for the event. You will receive the webinar invitation prior to the event.

This will be a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues, to learn new skills and support your NC EAPA Chapter.

April 2020 A Message from the President

Dear NC EAPA Family,

This is an unprecedented time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We, as a world, have been impacted in our professional and personal lives. Because our stamina is being challenged in varied ways, it is easy to experience frustration, hopelessness, compassion fatigue, and loneliness. I want you to know that NC EAPA is here for you as your professional association. I’m hoping that as fellow EA professionals that you too are taking good care of yourselves as you work to take care of everyone else! As you continue to take care of others, let us take care of you by sharing the valuable resources in the following link.

Be Well & Stay Sanitized.
Your NC EAPA President,


Dr. Renee’ Evans

2020 March Conference – Follow Up

Hello NC EAPA and Friends…
While we are saddened that we weren’t together this week, we know how vitally important it is for all of us to stay home and follow all the recommendation (now stay at home orders) to “flatten the curve.” Your Board and Conference Committee appreciate your support and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters.

As promised in our last message, which I have included for anyone who didn’t see it, here are some additional details about the conference status and related decisions:

The NC EAPA Board met virtually on Tuesday evening, and it was decided that we will continue planning for our usual quarterly trainings, which will be:
May 29, 2020 – Greensboro area
September 11, 2020  – Raleigh/Durham area
November 13, 2020 – Charlotte area

After careful discussion of the impact to the chapter and risk/benefit analysis, the board also decided that we will not be rescheduling the 2020 Conference, and will all look forward to a  great March, 2021.

We again want to thank our hard working conference co-chairs, Eileen and Debra, and the entire committee for the tremendous efforts made, and for bearing up under the disappointment of not seeing that work come to fruition. And, for the additional work resulting from the cancellation.

We also thank our sponsors and registrants for their understanding and commitment to NC EAPA. In honor of our “No Looking Back” theme…we will look ahead to March Conference 2021!!

Regarding payments made for 2020 March Conference:
Exibitors and Registrants are able to receive a  full refund, if you so wish. Or, you may elect to have NC EAPA hold your payments to be applied to the 2021 conference, which will assure you the same rate as you paid in 2020.To request a refund: 
Exibitors  – please email Treasurer Karla Lever at
Registrants  – please email Assistant Treasurer Kerry Paksoy at

 Hope to see each of you on May 29th in Charlotte…more info to come!
Until then, please practice social distancin–but engaged, calm, and helpful.